M Plus Consulting is a priceless service, offering customers the best service worldwide!

Normally, practical market research efforts reflect the quality of customer service given by staff, their morale levels and customer loyalty. However, the numbers are merely a list. In order to benefit from the data collected, real action is required. The employees and consultancy from M Plus are on hand to handle this cumbersome task.

The benefit of M Plus’s consulting service

Visible improvements to a business or company are the main goal of M Plus’s consultancy program. Our services aim to:

improve the quality of customer service

increase the staff’s involvement in work

strengthen customer loyalty

boost sales levels

M Plus consulting is a logical follow-up service to its Mystery Shopper program, which accurately detects the state of every store in the business network.

How we work

In order to efficiently carry out its consultancy services, M Plus adheres to the following key steps:

  1. Develop and integrate the highest levels of customer service into the customer’s business
  2. Analyse and review results obtained during the Mystery Shopper program
  3. Overcome any resistance shown by employees during the Mystery Shopper program
  4. Develop an efficient system designed to motivate and involve staff
  5. Focus on increasing sales, also with the use of the Mystery Shopper program

In order to improve the attitude of the regional managers, M Plus organizes special seminars, during which the most well known worldwide practices that can be applied to the particular situations are demonstrated.

Our work is based on our corporate values:

Love. We love our work and our clients and our wish to help you to improve your levels of customer service are sincere.

Implementation. The research and consultations provided by us have clear aims and directions. Only through their implementation can our service bring you the best results.

Truth. We only make promises that we can keep.

Motivation. Our motivation is helping our clients by sharing our recommendations and knowledge.

Ambition. We need to be ambitious in order to achieve even the most daunting projects.

M Plus consulting is a service, which aims to improve the quality of customer service offered across your points of sale. We provide you with access to the most well known practises in the fields of sales, strategic planning and efficient business construction. The changes we make to businesses are proven successes and can be replicated in any company across the globe. Let yours be one.

Do you need an effective consultancy session to improve the quality of your customer service? – Contact us!

Do you wish to optimize your management process? – We will help you!

Do you increase staff loyalty levels? – Its easy with M Plus!