Online review monitoring – gives business total access to information left in reviews

Today, the internet provides people with a very powerful tool to share information with friends and family. Millions of different topics are discussed every second on various forums, social networks and other online platforms. A thread which was created in the morning has usually received thousand of responses and comments by the evening and the information gathers importance with the increasing number of responses.

Why is it important for businesses to monitor online reviews?

The reviews and comments on a business or company play an important role the decisions of future consumers to purchase a product or service offered. Before ordering the product, it has become normal practise to find out what the others think about it beforehand. Consumers only have to type a simple search string such as «Washing machine Zanussi – review» before they receive hundreds of links to product reviews.

People are very quick to read the reviews left byother customers and often believe them. Some 7 out of 10 consumers will consider the opinion of a stranger and use that as a base for their decision, thus refusing to buy the product if it has negative reviews.

Negative reviews on a product or service offered by a company has a knock-on effect on its image and sales levels.

The reviews left online also leave a great impression on potential customers in relation to a a specific product, store or brand. However, trying to delete or to ignore the negative comments is foolish and can have dangerous repercussions on the company. It is much more beneficial for the company to reviewthe information left in the comments and rectify any issues raised.

Advantages of M Plus’s review monitoring

By using M Plus’s monitoring service, businesses can fully control the results of reviews left online. After collating the reviews left online, M Plus will be able to offer you the following information:

Strengths and weaknesses

How often reviews are left

Which products or services customers are like or dislike

The consumers’ attitudes towards competitors

The general feeling towards the business or company and the reasons behind it

The efficiency of M Plus’s review monitoring has impressed customers so much that it has a 100% customer satisfaction rating.

Why M Plus monitoring is better than other similar services

There are several companies which offer similar services and so the variety may be overwhelming to the customer. The uniqueness of M Plus’s review monitoring offer has been broken down into three main components:

    1. The review monitoring service provided by M Plus registers thousands of words used in daily life. The word-bank is constantly update with new words being added all the time, helping the monitoring tools to catch new reviews on any product.
    2. The manual processing of “big data” by real people. M Plus’s review monitoring service identifies the emotional background of the review and identifies any adjectivewhich may be too difficult for a machine to comprehend.
    3. The automatic analysis of information. M Plus uses special software where necessary to segment work flow and create a semantic core.

Having total control of the situation in terms of information and intelligence is an important step towards being successful . With M Plus’s help, every review left by aconsumer can be used to benefit the business. Using theopportunities and previous experience presented by 4Servic, your reputation among your consumers will be impeccable.

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